Saturday, 28 April 2012

3rd goal reached! - total loss 21lb!

So! I lost 6lb over the last 2 weeks and that means I have reached my third goal of 20lbs lost since February - 20lbs in 2 months! I'm pretty pleased with that, especially because I went away over easter with a group of friends and had to eat when we could - & in line with them - and as a vegetarian, my choices were limited - and so I did put on a few pounds over easter! I've also had to postpone the running / pause the running after two things happened to stop it - 1. my running partner / mum badly sprained her foot and could barely walk, and 2. WE GOT A PUPPY!!  

Her name is KImber and she's a 11 week old lemon beagle, and we've had her for 2 weeks - oddly enough the same length of time since I last weighed. She's gone from 2 to 4kg since we got her! She's my birthday present from my husband for my 35th birthday and so I've not had space to go running as I'm housetraining, teaching her her name, training her to sit, etc - and the 10-15 minute school run now takes 25-30 minutes and is not at a brisk pace. Eventually though, the idea is that she *will* be able to come running with me, which will not only help encourage me, but also keep me feeling safer and keep her nice and fit (beagles can get chubby if they don't get enough excercise, just like me!). She's going to like me being fitter and healthier too.

Also as an added side note, I now weigh under 15 stone and okay, only just. However, I can barely remember the last time I was under 15 stone and I'm not sure it was any time in the last 8 years...

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