Sunday, 25 March 2012


So, with the news this morning that I have lost 11lb in total since starting this thing 5 weeks ago, making me 213lbs now, or 15 stone 3lb, and ALSO having just run for 20 minutes without stopping on the cto5k plan (I feel half dead right now), I think it's time to set my goals!

I started at 224lbs. If I aim for 150lbs that takes me to a healthy weight without being too extreme! That gives me :

75lb to lose

Start weight 224lbs - 16stone - 17/02/12
10lb - 214lb - 15stone 4lb - lost 25/03/12!
10lb - 204lb  - 14stone 8lb
10lb - 194lb - 13stone 12lb - bmi overweight not obese!
10lb - 184lb - 13stone 2lb
10lb - 174lb - 12stone 6lb
10lb - 164lb - 11stone 10lb - healthy BMI 11 stone 8lb!
10lb - 154lb - 11stone
4lb - healthy weight of 150lb = 10stone 10lb!

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